AwareNet Club

AwareNet ClubAwareNet Club was established at the beginning of the year 2011 at the Consumption Research Department. It unites students interested in subject of international business in broad sense, willing to participate in international projects overcoming cultural differences and providing valuable experience.


Club’s main statutory objectives are:

  • broadening theoretical and practical knowledge of the sphere of international business,
  • popularizing knowledge and current information from the sphere of international business,
  • organizing seminars, conferences, lectures, courses and trips devoted to the problems of international business as well as participating in similar initiatives organized by other entities,
  • establishing relations with national as well as international organizations and associations of similar profile and scope of activities,
  • developing members’ scientific and social activity,
  • conducting researches and elaborating scientific publications from the sphere of international business as well as participating in the researches realized by University workers,
  • improving organizational skills and building an attitude of openness towards changes and other cultures,
  • inspiring students and others to pick up a gauntlet and participate in undertakings for the benefit of national and international society.