City of Częstochowa

CzęstochowaCzęstochowa is a city in the South of Poland on the Warta River with 240 027 inhabitants. It is known as the spiritual capital of Poland. Thousands of pilgrims come to worship the Black Madonna of Jasna Góra, to give their thanks and to pray, in both happy and sad times. Częstochowa has thus become one of the major destinations for pilgrims throughout the whole world. It is here that the cult of Mary, cultural life and spirituality intermingle, creating an unparalleled atmosphere.

The main purpose of visits in Częstochowa is the Monastery of the Pauline Fathers at Jasna Góra, with its miraculous painting of the Virgin Mary. However, this city is also an important centre of Lusatian culture and academia.

In the area of Częstochowa there are also many natural assets including large forest areas, nature reserves, rivers and brooks, as well as numerous monuments that bear witness to the rich historical heritage.


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