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WarszawaWarsaw is the capital and the largest city of Poland. It is located in the central-eastern part of the country, on the Vistula river. It is the center of political, economic and cultural events. It is a place, where are located the Houses of Parliament (Sejm and Senate) and the headquarters of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and other central authorities. Warsaw is the capital of the province of Mazovia. The symbol of the city is Mermaid, which can be found in the city seal.

Warsaw is a city which is full of life and energy and also a city with a unique history. It is worth to spend there a few days and feel the unique atmosphere of the city. This place is very diverse so everyone can find there something interesting.

Regardless of the goal of your visit, Warsaw will make an impression upon you.

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Places recommended to visit

During the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944, more than 85% of Warsaw’s historic centre was destroyed by Nazi troops. After the war, a five-year reconstruction campaign by its citizens resulted in today’s meticulous restoration of the OldTown, with its churches, palaces and market-place.

Walking through the streets of the OldTown and New Town allows you to rest in a quiet and calm. It is good idea for relaxing afternoon.. Romantic alleys, squares, cozy cafes makes an amazing atmosphere. Two historic places- the Old and New Town Squares, in the summer become a stage for musical and theatrical performances and open-air galleries.

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This complex is one of the most beautiful of this type in Europe. It was established in the 17th century. It is a place of many cultural and Entertainment events. In this place are located many interesting architectural monuments, with the most important one-  the Palace on the Island, which was built for Poland’s last monarch King Stanislaw August Poniatowski. This building was his summer residence, where king’s  famous Thursday dinners took place.

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His building was a summer residence King  Jan III Sobieski and then Augustus II as well as notable aristocratic families. It is one of the most beautiful monuments of European Baroque and a heritage of the former greatness of the Republic. Near the palace is situated beautiful two level Baroque Italian garden and a romantic park in English style. Wilanów is a place of important cultural events and concerts. In former stables house is located the PosterMuseum.

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It was build in ages 1952-1955, as a ‘gift from the Soviet people for  Polish people’. This building is an excellent example of Socialist Realist architecture. It is still the tallest building in Poland. Now it act as a cultural centre with theatres, museums, a cinema and a concert hall. On the  30th floor is located a the highest viewing platform in Warsaw with beautiful panoramic view of the city.

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It was opened in 2004 on the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising. This museum bring tribute for those, who fought and died for their country’s independence. Museum is located in a former tramway power station. It is one of the most modern museum is Poland. It offers to his visitors  interactive displays, video footage and photographs. he exhibition shows the struggle of everyday life before and during the Warsaw Uprising and the horror of occupation – which was a complex international situation – to the post-war communist terror and the fate of insurgents in the PRL. Images and sounds present the days prior to the outbreak of the Uprising, its subsequent phases, as well as the insurgents’ exit and their subsequent fate. With an area of over 3,000 meters, there are nearly 1,000 exhibits and 1,500 photographs and films. Over the building there is a tower with a viewing platform at the top.

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This museum contains a rich collection of exhibits coming from all ages, from antiquity to modern times. Museum started his  activity in the inter-war period. During the World War II it secretly stored some of the RoyalCastle treasures. Now, it this building take place many of temporary exhibitions presenting art  from all over the world. The Vistula-side building wing is the Museum of the Polish Army, where is presented history of the Polish military featuring an outdoor exhibition.

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It is known as a kingdom of experiments and heaven for people who are interested in the Word. It is a place, where everyone can discover nature’s mysteries and conduct experiments on their own. It is the best place to gain some knowledge and above all, have lot of fun.

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The National Stadium in Warsaw was built for the European Football Championship UEFA EURO 2012™ in place of the former 10th-Anniversary Stadium. It is located not so far from the OldTown and city centre. It is well visible from lots of places in the city, especially from the side of the Zamkowy Square.

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Located in a beautiful place  between the OldTown and the VistulaRiver. During hot and sunny days FountainPark is an ideal place to refresh and rest. In the evenings it fascinate  with performances of colors and fabulous shapes created in the area of fountains.

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Fryderyk Chopin is undoubtedly the most famous  resident of Warsaw. He spent in this city the first 20 years of his life. In Warsaw he studied music, learned the manners of society and gave his first concerts. Walking through the streets of the city you can easily find buildings where he stayed or which he visited. In Warsaw is located the world’s largest Chopin memorabilia collection.

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Getting to Warsaw

You can get to Warsaw by any means of transport: plane, train, bus or private car.

  • The ChopinAirport is located only 10 km from the centre of the capital
  • Warsaw has three large railway stations serving international and domestic long-distance connections: “Warszawa Zachodnia”, “Warszawa Centralna” and “Warszawa Wschodnia”
  • Long-distance and international buses arrive at the bus station “Dworzec PKS Warszawa Zachodnia”

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